You and me Ping Pong

You and me Ping Pong

Within the last few days we have been asked by a few customers about the differences between the 3 sizes of ping pong tables. Our best explanation has to be that the standard table (180) is of regulation size, and can seat 8 people for dinner if you wish to use it that way. 

Now to the other side of the spectrum is the small table. This is for the person who wants to play a little bit of table tennis but is not really interested too much in the game itself but wants a unique work station or dining table. Don't get me wrong, the game itself is still great, you just have to be a little more precise with your shots. It seats 4 comfortably for dinner.

The Medium table gives you a bigger work place and seat 6 for dinner. Great tool to ease your mind during work with a little play time. This is a great stress reliever as you need to put all your attention into the game and let go and free your mind.

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  • John Anderson